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8 August
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  • mitzyred@livejournal.com
hi! I'm mitzy. I love all things checkered and stripes. I love the colors black and red and I hate yellow. :| It makes my eyes twitch.

I've already graduated from the university and I want to work at Sony BMG in the future. *kill me naww*

I plan on studying how to play the drums and the bass guitar because they both sound so awesome.

I play the guitar, btw.
I have the worst mood swings ever and yes, at times I can already consider myself as being cyclothymic; but, no, I'm still partly normal.

I can't last long without music. I literally listen to music ALL DAY LONG... even when I sleep. x'D
I like eating. I don't gain weight the way I'm supposed to anyway. I don't eat red meat, btw.

I get really sad when I eat chicken or fish. I think, "aww.. poor them." But I eat them anyway.

I want to be a vegetarian.

I just want to make a difference. That's all.
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